Finally! Photos Of Their Own

My aunt and uncle have not had professional pictures made of themselves since they were married. WHAT? I could not believe it when they told me. Along with my mother, these two used to be the ones taking all the family pictures. I guess it’s true that the photographers rarely get pictures of themselves. I remember old black and white film in a Nikon and a lens in my face. Uncle Marc is especially good at getting a candid shot when you don’t expect it. Some find that annoying, but now I am right beside him grabbing those slices of life. They have also been an example of servanthood for me. Marc and Trudy have entertained me since I was small, and they have continued to love and support me throughout my life. I cannot count how many times I have called my aunt for medical advice and support. (It’s nice to have a medical doctor for an aunt). She is my mother when my mother is not available, and sometimes, my mother just tells me to call Trudy. I am so glad to finally be able to do something for them. A photo session of their own? My pleasure!

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