About The Photographer

My name is Melanie. Photography is my passion.

I am a child of God.

I am a wife and mom.

I am a science geek with a Biology degree.

I am a dreamer and an artist.

I am a lover of details, obsessed with the overlooked.

I am a raging perfectionist. God and my friends love me anyway.

I am a work in progress, continually trying to improve my craft.

I love getting to know each client and building my sessions around each personality.

I love meeting new families and seeing their babies and children grow through my lens.

I’m addicted to the shine in a child’s eye as they turn their head and look at me.

I love that I can’t hide my own smile when clients smile at me.

I love capturing the exquisite details in my client’s faces, eyes, and lives.

I will always listen to your ideas.

I will make sessions fun, relaxed, and unique.

I will capture moments of your life and your family that you will treasure.

I will show you how beautiful you really are.