Picture Perfect Love

These are the Holkers, a strong Army man and his beautiful family. Picture perfect, right? When this family stepped out of the car, my heart leapt with excitement and I let out a cheer. They were gorgeous! I knew that if I could just trick these little ones into pausing briefly in front of the camera, we would get some great images. Laura was genius when she suggested an urban shoot in the heart of Nashville. There are so many different colors and textures downtown and she dressed the family in fun, bright tones. We ran around and snapped pictures while peeking in all the honkey-tonks. The kids were so excited to get a close-up look at the Nashville Star train. We ended the session with a stop at the candy store. It was a beautiful afternoon, and we had a great time together.

When their proofing gallery was completed, Laura sent me an emotional message. “I have to tell you, too. These pictures mean so much more to us than you’ll ever know.” She went on to say that her husband had just returned from his 3rd deployment (two to Iraq, one to Afghanistan), and this one had been especially rough. War, distance, and time apart can take a toll on a family and relationships. Love binds us together, but life’s circumstances sometimes fray the cord.

We all dream of picture-perfect love. But if we are honest, the real picture of love is a little worn around the edges, stained with a few tears, and wrinkled from our unyielding grip when life tries to pull it away. That is what love really looks like and it is beautiful picture.

1 Peter 4:8
Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.

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