I have a blog!

Hey, look! I have a blog! This is a big step for me, and I could not be more excited. So long have I waited to get this going, but as you will learn, I am kinda picky. It took me a little while to set it up between working and being a mom. I have so many sessions I want to share with you, but I also want this to be the place where I can share photos and events of a more personal nature. You will be able to find these “deep thoughts” in the Journal section of the blog. Get ready, because sometimes, those thoughts are just crazy and weird. But that’s OK. You will get to know me better this way, and hopefully, feel that we are a good photographer/client match. I love meeting new people, sharing a moment of their lives and capturing real smiles and emotion through my lens. That is my goal with every session. Those are the moments I know I am privileged, and I am so thankful to be a photographer.


Melanie G.

photo courtesy of Jaime Lackey Photography

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